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The Full Story


Welcome to our new vacation Rental Company! Created by a father and son on the path to developing a widespread network of rental properties on the east cost! We have had so much fun staying at rentals while we travel the country that we figured we would set out to design our own rental company. Our main goal is to give our vacationers the best quality and luxury available for a price that every family can enjoy! So come out and stay at one of our beautiful properties and let us show you what a family vacation looks like.


Started in 2022 we have newly broken into the rental world. We have spent so much time traveling the United States experiencing the rental industry and now we are planning to take what we have learned and improve upon it so that our guests have the most fun and intimate vacation experience possible!


We are currently in the process of acquiring multiple rental properties in the North and South Carolina beach area and hope to expand all of the way down the southern east coast

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